About Us


We at Shuja International Corporation believe in "Total Customer Satisfaction" by providing quality products and services at a very competitive price.

Since the foundation of our garment-manufacturing unit in 1995, we have established a qualified and talented production team who has maintained high standards of workmanship. This has forged a bond of trust between our customers and us; trust that the best products and services in the market will be produced to specified requirements.

Our production team is fully proficient in sourcing out the required quality and cost of fabric and accessories in the local market and our import department seeks out the best materials for use in production from all over the world. Our import background enhances our vision and product range to provide our customers a more satisfactory service.

We are greatful to our customers for their continued business relations with us and ensure them, as well as our future customers, that our consistent approach to the latest purchasing and manufacturing techniques ensures they are offered the best range of products. This will surely be an advantage in your specific market.

We stand behind our words, " Total Customer Satisfaction ".